About the ARA

The Australian Rocketry Association (ARA) originally formed back in 1994 by 2 rocketry enthusiasts Maurice Laffin and Stewart Clarke both from SA - the home of Rocketry back then. The ARA was an off shoot of the Marion Model Rocketry Club Inc. The first Committee consisted of President - Stewart Clarke, Vice President -Michael Gerlach, Secretary - Maurice Laffin and Treasurer - Ashley McGovern.


The ARA incorporated on 06/07/94 and then went through the process to obtain an ARBN to allow the ARA to operate nationally which was approved 20/03/95. The ARA was formed to address regulartory change, this was the main driving force behind the club at the time.

The very first official launch for the ARA was at Lake Finness in 1995 and the ARA continued with steady membership growth until 2000 when it peaked with over 150 members Australia wide. Due to events overseas and on home soil and the rising costs of liability insurance forced the ARA to make a hard decision to run all of its operations on a skeletal Directorship in late 2002 until such time it was viable to expand the national organization once again.

2007 saw a change in the insurance enviroment in Australia and with a small group of dedicated rocketry enthusiasts discussions started about expanding the ARA operations once again. November 2007 it was official the ARA had a new committee  at the helm was one of the orginal founding members who took the role as President -Maurice Laffin, Vice President - Roy -Clermont, Secretary - Phillip Moore and Treasurer - Paul Collier. 

This group then went into every ARA document, safety codes, certification process, constitution and the "blue book" to update the ARA and bring it into 2008. It was a hard task that slowly but surely one by one they all accomplished the task at hand. To provide Australian rocketeers with a workable national club that would save the local state clubs money on insurance and be able to have a voice with government departments across Australia. It would also provide many other necessary elements that in time will be announced as they are still in progress as I type this.

Currently the ARA membership numbers in the hundreds with rocketry still growing across the country.

Without the hard work from these individuals back in 1994 I dont think rocketry would even be around in Australia so the ARA thanks you for your time and effort in bringing rocketry to us all.